Taking Customer Engagement One Step Further.


We work with businesses all over the world to design high-impact ‘mobile first’ strategies, providing consulting on development methodologies, mobile transformation, customer engagement, risk mitigation, data transparency and commercialisation. Our highly skilled and award-winning team can either help you develop or update your current enterprise platform, or we can assist to maximise additional revenue from your customer base by plugging your eco-system into one of our platforms.



By specialising in designing and executing award-winning platforms and mobile experiences for businesses with large customer bases who are looking to scale and create a standout presence in their competitive markets.


Custom Development

Our highly skilled and award-winning team can build you a custom mobile app or web platform with seamless functionality. We design, develop and launch mobile applications for all platforms including iPhone, Android, Windows & Blackberry. Our user-engagement approach is grounded in serving the needs of your customers to ensure engagement is high, using the latest strategies and our own IP to optimise user- retention.


Lock Screen Solutions

ThumbTom is a loyalty engagement application that delivers lock screen advertising directly to the user’s phone combined with a rewards platform. Adverts are tailored to the users interests and demographics, which has been selected by the user upon registration. This service allows advertisers to own the users first impression on their customers most intimate and frequently accessed screen.


Loyalty & Incentive

Payperks is a digital platform, functioning as a bespoke payment and rewards platform. Payperks was initially launched as a platform for credit providers to reward good payment behaviour. Payperks has evolved and is able to provide ongoing customer engagement and contactability across all types of affinity bases. Customer behaviour is monitored and rewarded in real time which encourages positive behaviour, such as actioning payments and meeting agreed obligations.

Delivery Solutions


Rush enables customers to choose their delivery solutions by comparing couriers, their prices and delivery services in real-time, through the use of a Smart Phone or personal computer. Rush manages the fulfillment of deliveries from the time a courier is chosen, through to the payment gateway, insurance, tracking and tracing of parcels and offers support via its call centre.


Expert Java-based back-end solutions coupled with intuitive Web 3.0 front-end solutions in the payment and transactional space.

We believe that technology is the new frontier of human evolution. With every solution we create we push humanity and customer engagement one step forward.


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